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festive jewelry and ornaments as Christmas gifts

Festive jewelry and ornaments as Christmas gifts

The word holidays comes from the Old English word hāligdæg. Quite literally, holy days. Days that we cherish, days for resting and reflecting. Days of giving and being grateful. No work commitments, just time to care. For ourselves and for each other. And what makes a better gift than a handmade present with meaning?


Decorate the days with a golden edge

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? In addition to our existing collection, we now carry the festive collection. Special gifts to frame the holidays with a golden edge. Think of napkin rings, garlands, bottle stoppers and ornaments for your tree. But we’ve also added Christmas versions to the existing storybooks and jewelry postcards with unique illustrations: snow globes, champagne bottles, snow stars. They all add to that special atmosphere during the holidays.


Gemstone cards for you and me

A gift for yourself and for someone else. We’ve added a new edition to our gemstone cards that has two bracelets. One to give away and one to keep for yourself. Perfect for celebrating a special bond or friendship. For the gemstone cards you can choose from six popular gemstones: black onyx, rose quartz, labradorite, garnet, moonstone and aventurine. The illustrations on the cards are festive and inspired by the holidays. Each card has a different gold colored illustration. Inside the folded gemstone card you’ll find a note with the characteristics of that specific gemstone. This way, both giver and receiver carry the unique powers of the gemstone with them. Twinning is winning. Who do you want to carry with you?

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Symbol ornaments

One of the most important rituals during the holiday season is dining with family and friends. Eating well, taking time off. Enjoying each other’s company next to a decorated Christmas tree. This time of year is also about symbolism and stories. Stories from the past and present. Stories about light and enlightenment. Connection and hope. Stories with symbolism. Normally, for our jewelry collection we like to work with symbols. That’s because symbols remind us how we want to live our story. 


For our collections we like to work with symbols. That’s because symbols remind us how we want to live our story. For the festive collection we used three symbols for several of our items. We do have decorations for your Christmas table such as handmade napkin rings, bottle stoppers and ornaments for your tree. Which symbol fits you?

  • Swallow: The swallow symbolizes friendship, loyalty and happiness. But, most of all, loyalty: swallows choose a partner for life. That makes the swallow  the perfect symbol of connection. Connection with family, friends and most importantly, connection with yourself. The message of the swallow: 'true friendship is a journey without end.’
  • Olive branch: The olive branch represents purity, peace and harmony. A reminder of the wisdom you hold within. Also, the ability to see every challenge as a new adventure. The Olive branch says, ‘keep going, keep growing.’
  • Pole Star: The pole star brings light to darkness. Hope. The star represents big changes in your life. Are you at a turning point? The Pole Star keeps you company and makes it easier to believe in magic and that everything can change. Even if you don't know how, yet.


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Handmade in Nepal and India

The items in the festive collection are handmade with love and care in Nepal and India. The bottle stoppers for wine, napkin rings for your dining table and ornaments for decorating your home are made of (recycled) brass using traditional techniques. The cord for hanging the ornament is made of recycled saris. This way, you add a sustainable message to your gifts. Whatever you do, give or celebrate during these days: it's all about love. Celebrating you and me.

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