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festive gifts on paper

Festive gifts on paper

The way we work with our artisans is fair trade, but we also want our products to be fair trade. That's why we carefully select where our products come from. Also our paper gifts. Like the garland cards. Products that are made with attention, also deserve special attention. Because they are beautiful stories. Stories on - and made of - paper. For the festive season.


Write your most beautiful story

Collect your ideas, thoughts, stories and inspiration, capture them in a storybook. The storybooks are handmade in India, in the pink city of Jaipur. The cover is made of shredded cotton waste from the fashion industry. This material is called ‘katran’ and is 100% biodegradable. Each storybook has a symbol that matches its message on the cover. It could be a new beginning, travel or gratitude. Who do you wish a beautiful adventure on paper?  

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Hang the garlands

The festive garlands in our festive collection are made of Himalayan paper. In Nepal, Lokta paper is a widely used type of paper. It’s handmade from the inner bark of the Daphne bush, which grows abundantly in the foothills of the Himalayas. Just by removing the bark, growth is stimulated. So there’s no need to plant new crops. The garlands come with a beautiful card with a celebratory quote. Don't just celebrate your own party, but invite someone and hang the garlands together this holiday season.

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Jewelry postcards

Congratulate a sweet colleague? Wish your niece good luck? Send a complete gift set with a card, bracelet and envelope. There’s a watercolor print for every occasion with a matching symbol on the bracelet. Each illustration tells its own story of wishes, magic, togetherness, celebration or adventure. 

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Handmade gemstone bracelets for you and me 

You and me is one of the principles of A Beautiful Story. We do everything together. Here and in Nepal. Especially for the holidays, we’ve added a new version of our popular gemstone cards. In our festive collection you’ll now find gemstone cards with two handmade bracelets instead of one. One for yourself, and one for someone who means a lot to you. That way you’re always connected. A beautiful handmade Christmas gift for yourself and a dear friend. 

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