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discover the 4 gemstones of this season

The jewelry of our new collection can't wait to shine on you. In our new collection you will find jewelry with 4 gemstones in the vibe of the season. Each gemstone with its own meaning. Some tell a story, guide you or are believed to have special powers. Which one fits you the best?

Trust your friendship with black onyx

Black onyx gives strength and supports you when life becomes overwhelming. Its gentle but strong power gives you the confidence to be yourself, and be at ease with who you are. Black onyx is like a friend protecting you wherever you go. Because you don’t have to do it all alone.

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Connect with all around you with lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of connections that are honest and true. You stand strong in your truth, dare to speak what’s on your heart. And from this authentic place you meet those people that feel like sunshine to your soul. Friendship in its most beautiful form.

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Throw love around like confetti with rose quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal that governs all matters of the heart. Love, compassion and kindness are her remedies. We give it to everyone around us, but most importantly to ourselves. Because the revolution of true love starts within our own hearts.

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Celebrate each moment together with citrine

Citrine shines bright like the sun. Its energy reminds us of a warm summer day where life feels light and filled with joy. With this crystal close by, you can fill every moment with happiness and sunshine.

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