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Dare to be you with Elize

She’s one of the models in our Dare to be You campaign and runs her own eco-friendly modelling and influencer agency Belle & Co: Elize. If there’s anyone who stays true to herself, it’s Elize. She shares her journey to self-discovery and who inspires her.  

Stay true to yourself

"In a world where we have a lot on our plates and expectations are high, being yourself can be quite challenging. Back in school, I pretended to be someone I wasn’t. I wore a lot of make-up to hide my red eyelashes and freckles. I was trying to fit in, but that didn't work. I was still different on the outside, and on the inside. It wasn’t until I moved to Utrecht when I was 21, that I started to embrace myself. Now, at 36, I feel more self-assured than ever and no longer worry about what others think of me. When I meet new people, I often hear that they like my authenticity. I don’t hold anything back and I express myself openly: my opinions as well as my laughter."

Finding happiness

“I believe that every person who crosses your path, does so for a reason. You can learn something from everyone you meet. My biggest source of inspiration is Pippi Longstocking. She’s the perfect example of dare to be you. When you stay true to yourself and to your inner child, you bring out the best in yourself. I genuinely believe that. And I still do the things I loved as a child: playing, making jewelry, building forts and dancing. I only work with sustainable brands. That's how I remain true to myself and live my happiest life."

Carnelian gives courage

Elize learned to be completely herself. She does what she loves and doesn't mind what others think of her. And that is exactly what gemstone Carnelian also tells you. This gemstone gives you courage and lets your creativity flow.

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