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Dare to be you

With the 4 gemstones of this season, you dare to be yourself. Founder Cathelijne Lania tells what the new collection means to her, and how you make a difference with jewelry in places where it's badly needed.

Reflect on yourself

Cathelijne: “Looking at yourself, accepting yourself, with everything that comes with it. Being yourself: it takes courage. But take it from me, it’s worth it. Because when you can be yourself, you become empowered. If you dare to be yourself, you can stand up for who you are, defend your principles, stick your neck out and make a difference. And inspire others to do the same.

But how can you truly be your authentic self? In my experience, it starts with self-awareness. I once read somewhere that you can't see your own reflection in turbulent waters. But when the water is calm again, everything becomes clear. Take a moment each day to reflect on yourself. Discover your own patterns, learn from them, embrace them. You’ll find joy in who you are, what you have, what you do and how you feel. Sure, it can be a bit scary. But you’ll see: everything you need is already within you.”

The gemstones of this season

Our new lucky tools will support you on your journey. They’ll reveal your powers. Because sometimes you just need a little confirmation. The energy of Carnelian sets everything in motion. Everything starts to flow and you feel alive. Aventurine invites you to embark on carefree adventures and follow your own path. Rose Quartz, the gemstone of love, brings gentleness and compassion: for the people you meet, but mostly for yourself. With Moonstone, a gemstone that radiates feminine energy, you’ll enjoy your fresh start. Dare to be you. 

Handmade with love

Every one of our jewelry pieces is handmade. They have meaning for the maker, giver and receiver. The meaning doesn't just come from the gemstone or symbol. In the countries where we sell our products, we share positive stories that help you grow. In your goals and dreams. Our dream is to provide more and more jobs at the other side of the world. So that talented artisans build better lives. In this way, jewelry is the basis of a beautiful story for everyone.

Discover our new collection

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