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citrine makes you shine

Citrine is derived from the French word citron: little lemon. The sunny color is caused by the presence of iron and aluminum. You can find this beautiful gemstone in Brazil and Madagascar. And also in the Cairngorms, a mountain range in the Highlands of Scotland. That’s why citrine is sometimes called Cairngorm. 

Citrine warms you 

Citrine gives you pleasure. It’s a common belief. In the course of centuries, it was thought this gemstone absorbs the sun. Citrine warms you just like the sun. In dark days citrine cheers you up. And helps you gain new energy, for example, when dealing with spring fatigue. So go ahead and shine! 

Did you know that in the old days citrine was set in rings for a long and happy marriage? You can also wear citrine for a good relationship with yourself and the people who are close to you.

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If you carry citrine, citrine will carry you 

When you wear citrine in your earrings, your brain hemispheres will work together smoothly and you are on full alert. Wear a gemstone necklace with citrine between your throat and your sternum, and it will show you all the sunny things in life. Would you like to relax more? Choose a long gemstone necklace and just embrace what is. You carry citrine. Citrine carries you. It’s that simple.  

Let yourself be carried.  

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Enjoy the beautiful things 

Since citrine radiates so much, this gemstone can help you with literally everything. More lightness and optimism? Citrine is just what you need. In the light of citrine you see all the beautiful things on your path. And you enjoy all its beauty. In abundance. 

Embrace yourself 

And don't forget: all our jewelry is fair trade and handmade by our talented artisans in Nepal. Gemstones are a product of nature. Each gemstone is unique. Just like you. Embrace it. 

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