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Citrine gives you sun power.

If you carry citrine, citrine will carry you

Citrine is derived from the Latin word citrus: lemon tree. The presence of iron oxide and aluminum in the quartz is responsible for its sunny color. The more iron in the gemstone, the browner citrine is. The yellow color is caused by aluminum. You can find this beautiful gemstone in Brazil, Madagascar, and the former Soviet Union. But, citrine is also found in the Cairngorms, a mountain range in the highlands in Scotland. That’s why citrine sometimes is called Cairngorm. There are beautiful myths and stories about this special gemstone. A star among gemstones. And guess what? The sun happens to be a star as well. 


Absorbing the sun

The Romans believed that citrine absorbs the sun. The sun makes life possible. Therefore, the Romans were convinced this gemstone protects and contributes to a long and happy life. Citrine was worn on their breastplate. It was also believed by the Scottish in the land of myth and folklore, that this gemstone is a heartwarming ray of sunshine. When set in the handles of knives, daggers, and swords, citrine brought prosperity and success. A generous stone. 


Warming up

In the Middle Ages this gemstone was used to lift the spirits during dark days. Or for some extra energy when dealing with spring fatigue. For a long and happy marriage, citrine was set in necklaces and rings: a symbol of commitment. 


Expressing creativity

Citrine gives you pleasure and gets you going. According to gemology, this works best when you wear citrine earrings for optimal cooperation between both hemispheres of the brain. In a shorter necklace, wear citrine close to the thymus, an organ between the throat and sternum. Citrine will help see you the bright sides of life and to express yourself well. In a longer chain near your sternum, citrine helps you relax. You carry citrine, citrine carries you, this is how this gemstone works.


Enjoying the beautiful things 

Since citrine radiates so much, this gemstone can help you with literally everything: wisdom, prosperity, concentration, creativity, self-confidence, joy, expression, gaining physical strength. In the light of citrine you see all the beautiful things on your path. And you enjoy all of its beauty. In abundance.