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Anniversary collection - limited edition

We all have our own personality and our own character, just like our gemstones. Together we capture all the stories. In honor of our fifteenth anniversary, A Beautiful Story has designed a limited edition Anniversary Collection. Different types of gemstones combined in eight different styles. To celebrate you and me.


The beauty of differences

There is beauty in our differences. Those differences set us apart, but we all have the right to be here. We all have a story. And that’s the message we send with our Anniversary collection. 


Gemstones with unique characters

We combined different gemstones to celebrate all those unique characters. The softness of rose quartz with the courageous carnelian. The sparkling gratitude of tiger eye with the lightness and joy of citrine. The gentle lapis lazuli and the calm blue agate. Or how about the energetic garnet with the ever-intuitive labradorite? Combine characteristics, broaden your horizons.


Let’s all do our part

Sanjaya, the founder of our Artisans Workshop in Kathmandu, puts it like this: ‘When you have a strong team, there's nothing you can't do.’ Diversity makes us stronger when we all use our unique strengths. This is how we can collectively contribute to a beautiful story. A story about the world.


Preview: HV-CELEBRATE15-DAG109032-01 Preview: HV-CELEBRATE15-DAG11454_QFB4e2GetFoTON