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celebrate spring with these gemstones

Warriors preparing for battle often hold on to certain rituals and lucky tools. A war cry dance. Drawing black lines on your face. A fur tail on your helmet. Maybe not what you're looking for, but just to clarify: rituals and battle cries give strength and focus. Dress yourself thoughtfully and keep your purpose in mind. With our new jewelry with natural gemstones from the colors of the season collection, you're all set.


Green aventurine is always in the mood. Do you need some extra self-confidence for an exciting phase in your life? Like a new job or a new house? Or do you want to stand out just a little more than you do right now? Aventurine will cheerfully go where you go. Together you stand at the beginning of a festive spring.

Battle cry: If I never go, I never know  

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the gemstone of love, for yourself and others. We are often quite hard on ourselves. But rose quartz embraces you and loves you. Our paradise necklace combines a symbolic heart with rose quartz. That’s how you beat the cold winter with extra love and warmth.

Battle cry: I'm all about love

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The Romans knew it all along. Citrine contributes to a long and happy life. That’s why they wore citrine on their breastplate. Also, citrine in the handles of knives, daggers and swords brought the Scots prosperity and success. Indeed, citrine is always sunny. Do you want more light and optimism? Then citrine is your new friend. With powerful earrings and a yellow scrunchie, you'll be all about spring.

Battle cry: I make my own luck

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Blue agate

Blue agate always remains calm. With this gemstone of communication and friendship you’ll get your message across. Together you get to the heart of the matter and always remain friendly.

Battle cry: I say what’s on my heart

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Which gemstone is best for you?

Not quite sure which gemstone is your best match? Check our gemstone guide here and find out which stone is waiting for you.

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