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celebrate spring

Every necklace, napkin ring, bracelet or storybook provides work on the other side of the world. That’s where our artisans work on our products with dedication and love. When it comes to love, we know one thing for sure: it only grows by sharing. That's why besides jewelry, we also have lots of new lucky tools in our sparkling spring collection. For you, by artisans from Nepal, together with us. Have a beautiful spring!

Your hair in a knot and go

Love grows and changes as well. Like a sari turns into a scrunchie. Saris are traditional garments worn by women all over the world. The color of the sari has a symbolic meaning. For example, wedding saris are always red. Our scrunchies come in four colors, with a card that tells you more about the symbolic value of each color. Good to know about our scrunchies: our producer in Nepal trains low-income women to become independent entrepreneurs. Cheers to empowerment! How will you rock your scrunchie this spring? 

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Enjoy spring with beautiful gemstones

With our gemstones, your spring evenings will be even more beautiful. We don’t just have jewelry with gemstones, but also bookmarks and glass markers. With these glass markers, your glasses look extra festive, and everybody knows which glass is theirs. And if you link the gemstones to the needs of your guests, you have a beautiful conversation starter. Glass markers also make great gifts, as we package them in a handmade gift box.

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Decorate a spring evening

Do you fancy a quiet spring evening in the garden, on the balcony or maybe in the park? Set your outdoor table extra nicely and use our napkin rings with the sunshine, the bee, and the shell. You just know that summer is near. These napkin rings come in sets of 2. The symbols have their own unique meaning and your purchase provides 400 minutes of employment in Nepal. That's how much time it takes to make a set.

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What you want to remember

Out in the sunshine with a good book? With our bookmarks, you know exactly where you left off. And you also remember who you are. You've probably grabbed a book that you need to read at this exact moment. Bet you choose - or get - a bookmark with a message that's just perfect for you? Because a book deserves it and yes, so do you. Naturally. 

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