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celebrate our handwritten logo

We asked her why (and yes, spoiler alert, we finally gave in to her request). 

Why did you want to change our logo so badly?

'The current one may look handwritten at first sight, but it's not. It's a computer font which simply doesn't do justice to our handmade, personal products. Something that's really handwritten shows a human touch. In a world where everything is digitized, we long for personal, authentic, and traditional shapes. We long for craftsmanship. Artwork with a heart, an identity. The opposite of rushed, last­ minute jobs.'
But what do you do when you can't see the future? If you don't know what tomorrow will bring? We believe in the power of positive energy. A sunny mindset makes your own life and that of others lighter.


Why does a handwritten logo suits us?

'It's personal. And that's us. We tell real stories about real people. People that we know. In Nepal, here in Amsterdam, and all over Europe. People that we've grown to know and love. All those stories are unique. A handwritten logo is also unique and authentic. The horizontal version is pretty similar to the logo we use now but we'll add a signature stamp.'

Which materials did you use?

'I used India ink and a crown pen. The origin of ink dates back to 500 BC. It doesn't fade. Ancient writings that were written in Chinese ink are still legible! It flows and is sometimes opaque, sometimes transparent, sometimes thick, sometimes thin, sometimes elegant, and sometimes spotty. That vibrancy suits A Beautiful Story.'

Was it an easy job?

'Ha, ha... absolutely not! Do you remember writing lines in school when you got in trouble? Well, I spent hours and hours copying the same words: A Beautiful Story. I found out there were so many ways of writing the letter B and the S. It had to have character, not be too neat, but still be legible. Quite a challenge! In the end we were all happy with our new signature.’  


We will launch the new logo gradually. You'll notice it popping up on our labels, our communications, and our products. The look and feel is similar to the current logo. So don't worry about your displays and other marketing materials that haven't been updated yet. They go happily hand in hand.




Preview: lookbook-kerst33996