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carnelian is bubbling with energy

Carnelian is like a bath bomb; it makes you bubble. It motivates you to do and undertake things. And also, to finish what you started. Write that book, take the stage, dance the night away. Courageous carnelian inspires you. Wherever you go. 


A career in the spotlight? No matter if you work in an organization, on stage, as an independent entrepreneur or in media: you’ll get a ‘No’ every now and then. Carnelian will keep your spirits up. Or even better, take the stage where you belong. A quote from a well-known entrepreneur: “Every No gets me closer to a Yes.” ’Positive vibes only. 

Celebrate your successes with the calm necklace. Every time you put the necklace on, you think of all the things you did succeed in.  

Boost your creativity

Carnelian goes like a rocket. And rockets go up. Perfect when you need a little extra motivation, when you have a decision to make, or as a pick-me-up during a minor setback. Stop worrying, stay focused and don't take a detour. Carnelian is confident and cheers you up. Creativity all around. You are in charge. 

Roll up your sleeves with gemstone rings and bracelets with carnelian 

Changes are inevitable

Carnelian carries beautiful stories. For example, as a protective gemstone. In the Middle East, prayers were carved into carnelian. You see, stories about carnelian change.  Accept the circle of life. For one thing is certain, everything changes. With carnelian you surrender to that and enjoy those changes. 

Guess who knows all about changes as well? Dragonfly! 

Wear carnelian earrings together with dragonfly. You can handle any change. But you could do that anyway. 

Together you create the most beautiful pieces 

Our jewelry is made in Nepal. We call them lucky tools because they bring luck. To everyone who wears our jewelry. And to our artisans. While bubbling like carnelian they earn a decent income. We do it together, because together you create the most beautiful pieces.  

Take a look at all our lucky tools 

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