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being free, being happy

The world is opening up again. We are making plans again and broaden our horizons. We get our summer bodies out and embrace all the colors of the rainbow from the Spring/Summer collection: smoky quartz, citrine, carnelian, aventurine, lapis lazuli and labradorite.

Summer jewelry
Citrine shines like sunshine on your outfit. In a bracelet around your wrist or ankle. Or how about a glasses cord? When you are in a romantic mood, a necklace or pair of earrings with rose quartz will accompany you on a sultry summer night. And, have you discovered our jewelry with magical symbols yet? Get ready to meet the patient, dedicated seahorse, the quiet turtle and the dragonfly that delivers messages of adventure, transformation and insight.

With aventurine it feels good
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed now that our society is reopening. Your home can feel like a cozy and safe haven. When going out, our handmade jewelry with aventurine will be your rock. Together you can face all the new adventures that await you. 

With each other, for each other
Unfortunately, not everyone shares our feelings of cheerfulness and lightness. Our artisans in Nepal are still having a hard time. Due to Covid-19, living conditions are significantly less over there than in the vast majority of the world. Overloaded hospitals have run out of oxygen. That’s why Nepalis travel miles to buy their own oxygen and bring it to their relatives in hospital. It’s worrisome, to say the least.

For and with each other, we keep our eyes on the light. For energy and strength. Being a member of the A Beautiful Story family, we support each other with the handmade jewelry we design and make together. By capturing and telling stories. And we will never stop doing that. 

Who do you carry in your heart?
A gemstone bracelet, necklace or anklet from A Beautiful Story isn’t just colorful, it’s a story about the journey of a family member. About one of our artisans who makes our jewelry with love and attention and therefore builds him or herself a better future. A future where children can attend a good school. 

With beautiful symbols such as a hamsa hand for protection, love and peace, and our gemstones you won’t just dazzle this summer. You carry someone in your heart with you.

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