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at your Easter best with our home accessories

Like the Holi festival - the inspiration for our spring collection - Easter represents new beginnings. Easter is a true celebration of spring. With blossom branches, colored eggs and of course, the Easter Bunny.

So where does the Easter Bunny come from? There is an old folktale about a little girl who finds a wounded bird with frozen wings. She prays to the goddess Ostara for help. When Ostara sees the dying bird, she turns it into a hare. The hare returns every spring with eggs to thank her.

Mark your glass

Easter becomes even more joyful with exuberant colors. With festive glass markers, your table becomes even more festive. Besides, you always know which glass is yours. You have a choice of two sets this spring: Celebrate or Sparkle. They are equally beautiful, in slightly different colors and with different gemstones.

Glass markers also make great gifts. Both the glass markers and the gift box are handmade. Needless to say, you don't have to start with wine or prosecco. Fresh juice or grape juice also look great in a wine glass. 

You can buy glass markers here

Celebrate garland

Our festive garlands are made of Himalayan paper. In Nepal, Lokta paper is a widely used type of paper. It’s handmade from the bark of the Daphne bush, which grows abundantly in the foothills of the Himalayas. By removing the bark, growth is stimulated. 

The garlands come on a beautiful card with a celebratory quote. They make wonderful gifts. Or keep the garlands yourself and hang them up at your Easter breakfast. We go for the hearts. What about you?

Shop garland cards here

Bee happy

At A Beautiful Story we like to work with symbols. That’s because symbols help you remember something you like or want to learn. The sun, the bee and the shell are symbols of light, love, and spring. And what about a swallow which, in this case, does make a summer? You find the symbols on our handmade napkin rings and bottle stoppers. While you’re at it, hang a beautiful symbol ornament in your Easter tree. Or on a door handle, of course.

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Citrine is always sunny

Do you want to festively dress yourself? Citrine puts you right in the Easter mood. Sunny, cheerful and optimistic. Don't forget to dye your Easter eggs with positive warrior brushstrokes. Or let a chocolate egg melt in your mouth. That will make you happy too.

You can find jewelry with citrine here


Just the thing for Easter: a matzo with butter and sugar.


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