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a dream in jaipur

Our notebooks can't wait for your stories. You can entrust them with all your inspiration and thoughts. But did you know that they tell a special story themselves?

From cotton to notebook

Our producer Seet Kamal in India makes our notebooks. Their mission is to reduce the use of raw materials throughout the chain. For example, by reusing materials. Therefore, Seet Kamal makes the covers of our notebooks from leftovers from the clothing industry that would otherwise be thrown away. A shame, of course.

A meeting in Jaipur

Our impact manager Eva was curious about the making process, and visited the workshop in Jaipur last year. There she met 29-year-old Gyatri who has been working at Seet Kamal for 4 years. Eva spoke to her at length. Gyatri: "I live with my grandparents, parents, husband and 2 children in one house. Since I have been working at Seet Kamal, our financial situation has improved so much. I now earn the same as my husband. Together we provide security. I feel equal. I am proud of that. Because that is not a given for many women in India." 

Motivation for a bright future  

"My biggest dream is for my children to get a good education and be independent. My daughter wants to become a lawyer. Because of my work, I have the financial power to help her and make this dream come true. My children are my biggest motivation. I want to offer them a happy and beautiful life, and that starts with financial security." 

This is how we make a difference

Our products are made on the other side of the world. Not just by producers far away, but by artisans who feel like family. For them, our products have a very concrete meaning: a decent income, a roof over their heads, food on the table and independence.

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