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7 x Valentine's Day tips: who are you going to surprise?

1. Send a card, give a miracle

Who was Valentine anyway? We don’t know. Several rumors circulate about Valentine. There’s one about a guy called Valentinus. He wrote a letter to his beloved who was blind. He finished his letter with the words Your Valentine. And then - believe it or not - a miracle happened. Because of this letter, his sweetheart could suddenly see again. Send someone a card signed Your Valentine. Bet the person you send the card to will see love for a moment? And that alone is a miracle, right?

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2. Cheers to love

Get fresh croissants from the baker's, a tasty bowl of strawberries from the greengrocer's, a bottle of bubbly from the liquor store and surprise your love with a nice breakfast. Naturally, you can make it a picnic or romantic dinner as well. Symbolic napkin rings or a beautiful bottle stopper are the finishing touches. Maybe with a swallow? A swallow symbolizes friendship, loyalty and happiness. That matches with the love of a relationship or a beautiful friendship. Cheers.   

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3. What do the cards tell you?

What does love mean? When are you at your best? What question do you ask an omniscient oracle? Get to know each other even better by asking questions from our deck of 52 cards to start conversations and share great stories. This game will bring up beautiful stories for an unforgettable evening. You can play this game with a group of friends as well. Or use the deck as insight cards for yourself. Whatever you like.

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4. Hang garlands

Valentine's Day: a commercial celebration? So what. As with so many things, you have to hang the garlands yourself. Above your bed or at the breakfast table? You can celebrate love everywhere. So celebrate!

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5. Write your story (together)

Write your own story. Take turns with a sweet sentence or a message. A diary for the two of you. Your favorite poem or a quality you're happy about. Read to each other from your own storybook over a romantic dinner. Or at bedtime.

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6. No heart of stone

The love stones are garnet and rose quartz. Garnet is the stone of passion and love. Rose quartz is a real heart opener. Naturally, we have other gifts that will melt your heart. And hearts as symbols are always a hit. Packaged in handmade heart boxes, especially for this occasion. Time to get ready for loving days. Throw love around like confetti!

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7. Valentine’s Day all the way

This is how you can turn it into an unforgettable day:: 

  1. Hang up the garlands.
  2. Toast to love.
  3. Send someone a card, signed Your Valentine.
  4. Give a present that will be cherished for years.
  5. Tell great stories with questions from the deck of cards.
  6. Write a story of your own and read it out loud.

And be kind to yourself. Every day.

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