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7 ways of going inside

The new year has begun. Everywhere we talk about good intentions and want to do all kinds of things. But what if you didn't set the bar so high for yourself this season? And bring some peace into the busy days. That way you'll get into a positive flow and the rest will almost happen by itself. Cathelijne, founder of A Beautiful Story, takes you through her favorite ways to go within.

1 Drawing cards 

Not a day goes by without my insight cards. I often draw three cards: one for the head, heart, and belly. They give me ideas. Or give me insights when I'm stuck. My favorites are my tarot cards and our own insight cards

2 Being quiet in nature  

Sit still and watch. I experienced magical moments by being completely still in nature. Watching a field of swaying poppies. The ideas I needed came to me. 

3 Walking  

A walk in silence slowly gives you peace of mind. I try to be very aware of everything around me. My feet touching the ground, the air surrounding me, all the sounds I hear. 

4 Doing constellations  

Every few months, I do constellations with my coach Eva Kapitany. You work with a group and everyone shares their themes. I have been doing this for 15 years now. For me it is like a periodic checkup. 

5 Taking short breaks during the day  

I used to go on and on. Work, work, work. I always kept going. Now, I try to add 'whites' into my day. Short breaks to reset. Just staring aimlessly while drinking a cup of tea. 

6 Writing  

Writing without preconceived notions helps me to connect with what’s going on inside my head. I write one word in a notebook. Draw a circle around it. The theme I'm dealing with. Then I see what the pen brings me. 

7 Reading books  

Reading enriches me. I usually read three books at a time. A certain kind of book takes me inside. Touches me. Books that make you think. Paolo Coelho and Irvin Yalom are my favorite writers. A bookmark makes it an extra special experience. 

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