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Handmade ankle bracelets

At A Beautiful Story, you find the largest range of handmade ankle bracelets, which you may also know as ankle chains or anklets. Our cheerful ankle bracelets come in summery colors. They’re made of glass and brass beads and have a sliding knot made of cotton thread. There’s always an ankle bracelet that suits you. Do you order before 3 pm? Then we’ll make sure your new piece of jewelry is shipped to you the same day.

Ankle bracelets with meaning 

Each item in our collection has a unique meaning. That's why we call our jewelry lucky tools: they encourage you and bring you happiness. And that's a thoughtful gift: for yourself or for someone else. Take a look at our new collection of ankle bracelets above, and if you listen carefully you can hear one of them calling your name.


Our ankle bracelets are made in Nepal and have a story of their own. For the giver, because you really tell something with your gift. For our artisans, because they build a life with their craftsmanship. With your purchase, you help to create jobs in places where it’s badly needed. Do you want to find out how? Take a look at one of our items and find out for yourself.

Buying a gemstone ankle bracelet

We make our jewelry with different gemstones. Gemstones have always been treasured by people. Because of their special powers, because they tell a story. Gemstones bring you in contact with the earth. They come in all colors and we collect them all over the world.


Our fair trade ankle bracelets come with different kinds of gemstones, each with its own meaning and power. Citrine, for example, is always cheerful. If you want more lightness and optimism, a citrine ankle bracelet is just what you need. Do you need that extra push but could use a helping hand? With our black onyx ankle bracelet, you have the focus and confidence to do what you long for

Which gemstone suits me best?

Not sure which gemstone can help you? Take our gemstone test in the menu at the top and take a little moment when you choose a stone. What's on your mind right now? How does it make you feel? Maybe you're going through a difficult time, or maybe you're embarking on a new adventure. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in one of our 12 different gemstones.


Of course, you can also take a look at the model of the ankle bracelet. Our fair trade ankle bracelets come in different styles. Are you looking for a refined, elegant anklet? Or do you prefer one that stands out? Check our collection and discover which ankle bracelet appeals to you most.