HAPPY 2073!

Our fine jewellery is handmade in Nepal. Producers are working very hard to transform our sketches into reality. Except for today. Today, the jewellery has to wait. In fact, the Nepali are doing something far more important: Celebrating New Year!

 So as we speak, it’s New Year in Nepal. Completely different from the Western calendar where it is mid-April, in Nepal it’s Baisakh, the first month of the new year. Simultaneously with Nepali New Year there is another celebration going on in Nepal: Bisket Jatra. This festival started Saturday and lasts nine days and eight nights. I recon our producers in Nepal are partying, worshipping and making sacrifices.

 Bisket Jatra literally means "the celebration of the death of serpents" which is named after a historic moment where every suitor of the princess died a mysterious death. A prince was blessed by Goddess Bhadrakali and managed to kill the snakes that were the cause of it all. In memory of this moment, on New Year’s Eve a 25-meter wooden pole (Yoh si) is erected, which is then placed into a stone (Yoni). On New Year Yoh si is brought back down. Two cloths, symbolizing the snakes, are attached to the wooden pole to show the villagers that it is done with evil.

Even though for us it's April already, we wish our producers a happy new year with more great collaborations in 2073!

Movie of April 12th 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kXpelNPDWU


4/12/2016 4:48 PM by A Beautiful Story