A Beautiful Story 10 years

Ten years ago Cathelijne quit her job and started with an amazing adventure. In Nepal she got inspired by jewelry artisans and wanted to spread their beautiful stories all around the world.

Together, they dreamed of a fairtrade jewelry company to help more and more artisans and their families in Nepal. While discussing their plans with a cup of Nepalese tea, Cathelijne suddenly remembered the Dutch saying: “Broken pieces bring luck!” and she broke her own cup. From the broken pieces, together with symbols from Nepal, the LUCKY BRACELET was born. And so was A Beautiful Story...

The past ten years have been a bumpy ride for sure. A lot of effort has been made to keep spreading around all those beautiful Nepalese stories and jewelry. In no time the company became very popular and grew rapidly. Unfortunately, we also got hit by the financial crisis in the West. In April 2015 a severe earthquake in Nepal killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000. This was devastating and had a large influence on A Beautiful Story and her artisans. 

Since one of our core values is “Believe in Magic”, we kept on going and never gave up. Today, we are working with more than 60 artisans in Nepal and we are expanding to India as well. We are proud to have created so many fair jobs for these lovely people. Together, we live a dream and combine beauty with fair in handmade jewelry for you!

9/8/2016 1:22 PM by A Beautiful Story

10 years