Fair trade

A Beautiful Story has adhered to the principles and criteria of Fair Trade from the onset. We believe it is paramount that every person in the chain receives an honest salary for his work or participation. Fair trade promotes sustainable developments in international trade, for example the export from poorer countries to affluent Western countries.

WFTO Certification
A Beautiful Story has applied for official certification with the World Fair Trade Organization, see www.wfto.com. We have always worked according to the Fair-trade principles, but we want an additional review mechanism outside our company. In turn, our customers and visitors can rely on official checks instead of blind trust.

Ten Fair-trade standards
WFTO prescribes 10 standards that Fair Trade organizations must comply with in their daily practices. WFTO also checks whether the principles have actually been put into practice. 

The 10 Fair Trade criteria for WFTO: 

  • Create opportunities for producers in economically disadvantaged situations. 
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Fair trade principles (including 50% deposit to producer)
  • Fair price 
  • No child or forced labor 
  • No discrimination, gender equality and freedom to join an union 
  • Good and safe working conditions 
  • Training producers (capacity building), including assistance in professionalizing their businesses 
  • Promoting Fair-trade products
  • Think about environmental issues

You can read a detailed explanation of each standard (in English) on the WFTO website. If you would like to learn more about Fair Trade in general, please visit the WFTO website.